Individual Session Pricing:
30 Minutes*- $60 
60 Minutes*- $110
90 Minutes*- $150
*Pricing is based on time not service.  All available services are used during each session, based on client need.  No tips are accepted.

As an individual who financially and physically struggled, I understand that the cost of massage therapy can be burdensome and unattainable.  I believe massage is important for everyone, and have found a way to include all.  The "Pay what you can" option is a way for you to make a commitment to yourself, and I will offer you a price that you can afford in exchange for your commitment to come in monthly. 


In addition to the times listed in the link provided below, I do offer sessions on weekends and others during the week.


When booking, if you do not see availability for the massage time of your choice, please reach out to schedule an appointment outside of my regular business hours.

If you are ready to schedule, please click, or give me a call!

Packages Available:
Oil Massage

3 - 30 Minute Massages


This package is perfect for treating injuries, or getting a feel for what regular massages can do for you! 

Back Massage

3 - 60 Minute Massages


Allow yourself some consistency! Use this link to purchase a 3 pack of 60 minute massages. 

Pressure Point Massage

3 - 90 Minute Massages


90 minutes allows time to treat an entire body, while still giving a bit of extra attention to whatever ails you! This 3 pack will set you up to come in no matter what!