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Please schedule your brainspotting session online, or if you have questions please schedule a consultation. Pricing for brainspotting is intentionally not listed, and is addressed in the intake form. We believe that access to all forms of mental health healing, physical healing, and total well being should be accessible to all.

Massage Session Pricing:

30 Minutes*- $60 
60 Minutes*- $110
90 Minutes*- $150

*Pricing is based on time not service.  All available services are used during each session, based on client need. 

As an individual who financially and physically struggled, Ashley understands that the cost of therapies can be burdensome or even unattainable.  We believe care is important for everyone, along with a commitment to make our community better.  It is our mission to reduce barriers where ever we can, while our society continues to find ways to catch up. For this reason, we use a HIPPAA compliant virtual session software, as well.

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