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Brainspotting Therapy:


Brainspotting therapy is described as "bodywork with a psychological benefit" by Dr. David Grand. Where you look determines how you feel, and your own brain knows exactly what needs to happen to heal - it just needs help accessing it. By using this type of therapy we skip the neocortex and go straight into the subcortical brain to heal dysregulation at the source based on eye position and dual attunement. Bypassing the thinking brain is the most effective way to connect with the body, and aide in clearing unneeded connections. This is a way to reset the nervous system in order to decrease chronic pain.

Anxiety, attention and focus challenges, ADHD, depression, negative cognitions, cognitive enhancement, and more can also be addressed with brainspotting therapy. Working with children and adults with anxiety, depression, and ADHD has become a main focus, working side by side as they find ways to work with their brain, rather than against. The opportunities are endless, and the research is making it's way out of academia.

Offered in 60 and 90 min sessions. Children are initially scheduled for 30 min sessions.

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