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Struggling with attention?

Most of my life has been a mess of distractions and inability to finish things. When I first started addressing this, I heard a lot about discipline, a need for willingness to let go of instant gratification, and self-sabotage. It came to a point where I realized much of my life was not about the lack of effort, and I was stuck with "great, now what"? We have discussed trauma (which is a highly misunderstood term, so we will address this later), lifestyle, diet, on and on and on. And I still couldn't follow through, no matter how hard I tried.

And then I was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD which has been a complete game changer. The more I looked into ADHD to find ways to make life a little easier, the more I have learned about neuroscience, hypermobility, proprioception, vision and general eye health, and simply the body as a whole. There is so much that we have never considered, and the research that is currently happening on the brain-eye-body connection is remarkable. Information like this: Brain may have two minds of its own – Harvard Gazette has caused various professionals to start looking at details and asking more questions. We now are beginning to understand the connection between hypermobility and anxiety, hyperactivity and neural setups, and chronic pain or phobias from old neural pathways, in addition to eye position and processing.

If you would like more information on brainspotting, I am always excited to discuss this modality and what it can do for you!

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