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Updates, Updates!

We have been on quite the adventure together since opening in December 2019. Continuing to grow once COVID started, through the loss of my brother and baby, an injury, and the many other bumps along the way that life can bring, one thing that has never been in question is the incredible humanity and love that our community holds. I am grateful for each of you who has offered me the honor of partnering with you - it is not something that I take for granted. I am so excited to be back working with you more and in a way that will certainly catapult your life. Because I *always* have so many words, please stick with me through this email! I am excited to share many things with you!

  1. Brainspotting: As I have worked with so many of you with chronic pain, disease, and so many life struggles, it is often painfully clear that there is so much more we need to help us get to our best selves. For this reason, I have sought out new treatments and trainings, as well as found new industries all together. One is brainspotting. Brainspotting is “bodywork with a psychological benefit” (David Grand) that is based entirely on your brain’s ability to heal itself. Our understanding of the brain-body connection is growing at an exponential rate, and it has been found that we can intentionally create new neural pathways (chronic pain, emotional blocks) and strengthen the ones we want to keep (positive cognitions and feelings). More information can be found at I am now a brainspotting practitioner, and will be focusing on this going forward, massage therapy sessions will be extremely limited to prevent further injury. I am also returning to school to be able to add in medical advocating, as many of you know my passion to help everyone navigate what questions to ask and what rights you have! Thank you for your understanding and continued trust.

  2. Luminescence Therapeutic Massage: Since I am not doing very much massage anymore, I have partnered with Ross who is a massage therapist with similar interest in pain relief and chronic pain management. Ross has a wonderful energy to be around, an intuitive touch, and an interest in listening to what you have going on. I have no doubt that you are in good hands with him. (See what I did there?!) Ross is even accepting Quartz Medicare Advantage! YAY!

  3. Jane: To allow us to better serve you, Luminescence and Healthy Move have combined scheduling software in Jane. The name that we are currently scheduling under is Collaborating Hands, so don’t be confused! As time goes on, it is possible that other providers will be added to give you trusted referrals to many different types of care (like coaching!), so be on the watch next year for growth!

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