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About Ashley

Trainings, Practices, and ALL THE THINGS!

Ashley attended school for massage therapy in 2005 and has since maintained enthusiasm for working with all types of people for better well-being in a variety of areas. She has been licensed in the state of WI since 2016 for bodywork therapy, and expanded her practice to include Brainspotting in 2022. For massage, her massage ‘technique’ lies somewhere between sports and deep Swedish massage, holding the belief that although deep work can be uncomfortable, massage should not be painful. We can do therapeutic, effective work while also relaxing your nervous system.

In 2022 she came about a new type of therapy that has widespread and effective results in so many ways, Brainspotting. As many of my clients live with chronic pain, we often are bothered by the inability to really help some with long term relief. One of the many ways Brainspotting is used to help reset the nervous system, allowing the constant pain cycle to reroute ultimately decreasing pain. While looking forward to furthering my understanding and skills with additional training, she is excited to be a Brainspotting clinician and ready to work with you.

Having a clear understanding of how your body works and feels in different situations is essential to having a better quality of life, ideally without any pain, and helping people get there is one of her greatest joys! Her family has experienced many illnesses, injuries, losses, syndromes, diseases, and we are still in the midst of a few. She finds great joy in collaborating with clients discussing the struggles that they are having and helping to find the questions to ask or the people to see. She is not a doctor or psychologist. She does believe that we are not meant to trudge through life, we are meant to live it fully.

We all look forward to working with you, thank you for your trust.

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